Keeping your company compliant is not easy as there are numerous compliance laws and regulations at the state and federal level and a single mistake can cost your company thousands, if not millions. Gryphon Networks, the leading compliance solution knows cold calling is not easy and staying in compliance should not make it harder.

Below are 10 Do-Not-Call facts for 2019 regarding outbound marketing compliance that you may not have known:

  1. There are over 300,000,000 people in the National Do Not Call Registry (DNCR).

2. Do-Not-Call violations can cost your company up to $40,000 in civil penalties, per offense, depending on which law you violate. The average fine for a single call varies between $500 to $1500.

3. No calls to are permitted to states on state-specific holidays. For example, Pioneer Day in Utah (July 24th).

4. States also have their own rules on calling curfews. For example, Kentucky prohibits calls before 10 a.m. Also, some state counties observe daylight savings time, while some do not…

5. If your organization utilizes independent contractors or agents to sell your services, you are liable for their telemarketing violations. Learn which satellite television provider had to pay upwards of $300 million in fines for do-not-call violations.  

3. No calls to are permitted to states on state-specific holidays. For example, Pioneer Day in Utah (July 24th).

6. Unlike criminal law, where an individual is assumed innocent until proven guilty, telemarketers always bear the burden to prove the company is not liable for a DNC violation.

7. If you are under state investigation and as a best practice you must be able to immediately provide:

  • Documentation of your scripts
  • Name/address/ phone number of all your callers
  • All phone records and
  • Log of every telemarketing phone call made on your behalf
  • Number of years back depends on the state
  1. How often should you scrub lists? There is a 31-day grace period for Do-Not-Call lists and significantly less for wireless numbers. Gryphon recommends every 7 days if you are still scrubbing lists.

3. No calls to are permitted to states on state-specific holidays. For example, Pioneer Day in Utah (July 24th).

9. All 50 States have states specific Do Not Call Rules. Additionally, 37 states have telemarketer registration requirements.

10. There are 12 all-party consent states for call recording. What does this mean?

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