Last Modified: March 21, 2022


Gryphon operates in compliance with the terms of its Privacy Policy, located at In accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy, if, during the performance Services, a call participant elects to disclose personally identifiable information (“PII”) during a recorded conversation,  Gryphon will use reasonable precautions to prevent anyone other than the call participant (or in the case of a Customer(s), such Customer and its authorized employees and/or vendors) from monitoring, using, or gaining access to the PII.

Gryphon will protect Customer information disclosed and/or recorded from loss, corruption, or unauthorized alteration, and prevent the disclosure of Customer’s PII to anyone other than its authorized employees and/or vendors by  utilizing specific safeguards, including but not limited to, physical, software, and network security measures, as well as employee screening, training, and supervision.

Gryphon will periodically test and re-evaluate the effectiveness of such safeguards.  Gryphon does not sell any call recordings nor any PII associated with a call recording and generally advises Customers and its authorized users against disclosing such information during calls.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Gryphon and vendors, may use, process, and view the contents of or monitor Customer’s call recordings to the extent necessary for Gryphon to perform the services it is engaged to provide for Customer. Gryphon retains recorded calls for 12 months and call transcriptions for 36 months unless otherwise agreed to in writing with its Customer(s) or as required by applicable law.