Sales is a competitive industry where you either hit your quota, or you don’t. It is no easy job closing deals, growing revenue, and not to mention trying to convince a stranger to give you a few seconds of their time over the phone. Every day can present different challenges, as you never know who or what you’re going to get on the phone. One second you could be setting an appointment, and the next, you could be getting hung up on.

As a manager, it is important to create a culture of healthy competition at your organization – and to keep that in mind during your hiring and onboarding process as well.  Reps who have a natural hunger to succeed and improve will undoubtedly prove to use tools like performance dashboards to their advantage and navigate your training program with flying colors.

Here at Gryphon, we are all about healthy competition; as well as one not-so-healthy competition – our sales team’s wing eating contest. So, in the spirit of this competition, here are insights from Gryphon’s team on why salespeople need to be hungry… for success, that is.

A Hunger for Success

“There’s nothing wrong with a little “healthy” competition.  Fostering a competitive environment in your sales organization will result in success.  We all know that daily activity is predictive of success, why wouldn’t you want folks trying to outperform eachother with their outreach?  More activity ➜ Better Activity ➜ More Meetings ➜ Pipeline Growth ➜ Revenue Growth.


Hire hungry, motivated people.  Raise the bar.  Outperform.”

Greg Smith, Sales Manager

“One must always remain hungry in sales, as everyone is replaceable. There is always going to be someone who wants it more, so you better make sure you want it the most, because if not – you will go starving.”

Brian Reske, Sales Development Representative

“An appetite for success is vital for attaining positive results; in anything you do. In sales specifically, a must-have skill is the ability to overcome objections with confidence and class. With a weak mental approach, it’s easy to hear an objection and take it as fact, never to speak to the topic again. But with an appetite for success and the motivation to see a conversation through, objections are overcome and progress made.“

Jack Simoneau, Sales Development Representative  

“Hunger and dedication are two of the most important things to have in sales. If you aren’t hungry for success, then you aren’t actively pursuing opportunities like you should be. At the end of the day, it’s sales that puts food on your table, and if you don’t have that hunger, then you’ll starve both figuratively and literally.”

Matt Tise, Account Executive

Learn how Gryphon Sales Intelligence can foster healthy competition and improve rep performance at your organization. 

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