ADT Security Systems uses the Gryphon ONE sales acceleration platform to increase sales team effectiveness.


Security Systems (ADT), based in Boca Raton, Florida is the #1 home security provider in the U.S. They have been helping to protect American homes longer than any other company in business. ADT has a nationwide distributed sales team made up of 4,000 field agents that work in conjunction with sales representatives in more than 200 locations. Corporate policy required field sales representatives working on the road away from their office to use Gryphon to make all sales-related phone calls.

ADT faced the twin challenges of ensuring Gryphon utilization while supporting two different systems to track call results (i.e., dispositions). Both Salesforce and Gryphon contain functionality to tag dispositions, but there was no system of record that would give sales managers confidence in the accuracy of their operational reporting.


To solve these challenges, ADT enabled their field and sales representatives with the Gryphon Sales Performance for CRM, a native app for The Gryphon app is a component of the Gryphon sales acceleration platform that integrates communication, compliance and visibility dashboards to help increase revenue through better coaching and actionable insights into sales team effectiveness. The Gryphon platform provides clear insight into ADT’s key performance indicators (sales KPIs) and protect ADT’s brand reputation by ensuring all calls are compliant with company-specific business rules as well as do not call (DNC), TCPA, and internal suppression lists.

With a simple one-click solution for placing sales calls right from the CRM, all rep call activity is automatically logged and updated in Salesforce as well as the Gryphon dashboard, providing sales managers with a single version of the truth for forecasting, training and sales coaching.


ADT has seen record numbers since launching Click to Dial. In the first month, they experienced a 60% call increase, followed by an additional 173% increase the second month. The number of dashboard users also increased by 274% by the end of the second month. Overall, ADT’s top sales KPIs increased substantially and consistently to drive millions of dollars in additional monthly revenue from more effective calling and accountability.

ADT Security Systems Case Study