Brown and Brown uses the Gryphon ONE sales acceleration platform to increase sales performance.


Brown and Brown Insurance (B&B), headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida is a provider of insurance and reinsurance products and services to general business, corporate, governmental and professional, and individual clients across the U.S. Sales & operating teams (profit centers) are led by a Profit Center Leader (PCL). Each Profit Center Leader reports into regional leaders across the country. Those regional leaders are members of the Brown & Brown Senior Leadership Team. Thomas K. “Tommy” Huval, is the senior vice president and regional president of one of Brown & Brown’s regions. This region was seeking to implement and manage a more effective calling strategy.


Believing that consistent & accountable rep daily activity was predictive of success, the Huval region looked to the Gryphon sales acceleration platform to provide the sales reps (called “producers”) a unified and easy way to make their sales calls; through a mobile app, dial-in or click-to-dial. All of the activity was then captured and processed by Gryphon in real-time. The Gryphon platform combines communication with accurate visibility dashboards to help increase sales call effectiveness, drive revenue, and improve onboarding of new reps.

With Gryphon, PCLs could set activity goals by office, team or rep while extracting value from advanced features such as call recording in a glance-able, intuitive way. Because all calling activity, including audio, are automatically logged and reported into Gryphon dashboards, PCLs began to leverage their own calling strategies tonfurther increase performance. The PCLs used Gryphon’s insights to set benchmarks, improve sales coaching, better assure performance accountability and start to implement a calling strategy for their team based on what’s really working on the phone.


After establishing a baseline at launch, B&B analyzed performance after using the Gryphon sales acceleration platform for 6 months with profound results. Office level results included:

  • 60% increase in calls initiated
  • 49% increase in contact effectiveness
  • 27% improvement in call effectiveness
  • 120% increase in appointments set

Following Gryphon success at the regional level, implementation of Gryphon became a mandate across several regions at Brown & Brown for all new producers. Gryphon is now used significantly by the B&B regions nationwide.

“A tool for the serious.” – Gary Schrock, Sr. VP/Regional Sales Coach at Brown and Brown

Because of the strong correlation between Gryphon activity leaders and overall sales performance, the PCLs now rely on Gryphon’s analytics in conjunction with their actual revenue production numbers to drive planning and goal setting for their producers. Therefore, Gryphon has also positively impacted several critical aspects of the new hire sales and development process.

VIDEO: Brown and Brown Case Study