In the past, this American Fortune 500 industrial supply company had established two different inside sales teams, but found that these teams were unable to consistently meet the sales goals. The sales leadership team determined that the company needed a technology solution that combined automated compliance capabilities with complete and accurate data on all inbound and outbound sales calling activity.

The client organization uses Salesforce and were looking for a solution with a robust Salesforce integration. They evaluated two other companies, as well as Gryphon as part of this initiative.


After evaluating three different solutions, the client selected the Gryphon ONE sales acceleration platform. The primary drivers of this selection included the power of the:

  1. Outbound calling capabilities integrated into Salesforce
  2. Inbound and outbound calling data, activity, and disposition capture
  3. Automated compliance capabilities
  4. Call recording with redaction capability
  5. Targeted speech analytics to understand prospect sentiment and rep conversational effectiveness
  6. Robust call data, activity, and trends available through the Gryphon ONE dashboards

The Gryphon ONE sales acceleration platform is pre-configured to easily integrate with Salesforce, includes click-to-dial capabilities directly from Salesforce, and provides automated activity logging into both Salesforce and the Gryphon ONE platform.The platform also provides dynamic, interactive dashboards for managers and reps to track and monitor all call activity, which enhances accountability as well as providing insights into the best times to call and optimal lead follow-up frequency.

The platform offers call recording with redaction so that managers and reps can listen to calls with all sensitive information removed. Targeted speech analytics are part of the Gryphon ONE platform used to measure script adherence, value proposition explanation proficiency, conversation clarity, and call quality. This helps narrow in on what’s working well, so the larger team gets the benefit of this insight through data-based coaching.


The client’s inside sales team was seeing solid benefits from using the Gryphon ONE Sales Acceleration Platform within the first 12 months of implementation. First, it was a significant benefit to the client to have all of its customer data available in one place, in this case Salesforce. The strong, pre-built integration between the Gryphon ONE platform and Salesforce made this process virtually effortless for the client’s personnel.

Targeted speech analytics now provides the client’s managers and sales leaders with deeper insight into their teams’ calls than previously available. Managers can now easily identify and select the highest value calls for one-on-one sales agent coaching without having to listen to hours of recordings. Weekly activity reports help managers recognize, based on quantitative data, those team members that need additional training and/or coaching.

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