The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s notice of proposed rule making on “revocation of consent” was introduced in June 2023 and was passed on February 15, 2024. Here is what you can expect.

Overview of the new rule

This new rule will mark a pivotal shift in communication standards for revoking consent, emphasizing the importance of respecting consumers choices, faster. This new rule is estimated to take effect in September or October of 2024 and enables the ability for consumers to revoke prior consent, through any reasonable means, within 10 days (or faster). Organizations will need to prepare to facilitate changes supporting new consent revocation nuances.

What this means for your business

  1. Impact on outreach: Businesses face reduced outreach capabilities, heightened risk of penalties, increased audits, and time-bound limitations on phone/text communications
  2. Rules specific to wireless carriers: Subscribers may be able to revoke consent from their provider
  3. Burden of proof: It is not enough to say you are compliant; telemarketers/solicitors and debt collectors have a legal obligation to prove it to protect their brand reputation and shareholders

There are a few things your organization can do to prepare:

  • Preparation is key: Utilize a compliance solution to perform a compliance health check to determine where gaps exist, and to expand missed opportunities in overall reach through exemptions like EBRs, prior express written consent, and others
  • Leverage relationships: Strengthen existing customer relationships to potentially reduce further revocation of consent by initiating engagement campaigns, developing contact strategy, and being mindful of contact fatigue
  • Efficient management: Manage and track customer contact preferences using an exemption/consent management engine
  • Real-time guidance: Enhance conversations with real-time guidance during calls to make the most of every interaction 
  • Real-time opt-outs: Enable real-time application of opt-outs via Web Service API layer and other methods

How Gryphon can help

  • Gryph for Compliance manages client frequency controls and SMS/text short code
  • Our AI-driven Conversation Intelligence tool supports identifying opt-out, revocation language and manages EBR and prior express written consent data
  • Gryphon’s exemption/consent management engine handles customer contact preferences and complex compliance requirements effortlessly
  • Our real-time coaching capabilities provides guidance to agents in the moment to ensure compliance
  • Gryphon enables real-time application of opt-outs

The Gryphon ONE Platform

  1. Revenue optimization: The ability to legally expand the marketing contact universe, by tapping into compliance areas currently over-suppressed and/or underutilized
  2. Regulatory enforcement with speed and efficiency: Gryphon enforces regulatory compliance across internal and third-party entities for DNC/TCPA, data management, and other rules
  3. Comprehensive logging, access, and delivery: Gryphon ONE platform logs every event, providing transparency through dashboards, push reports, and other data exchange methods
  4. Complexity management: As regulations evolve, Gryphon simplifies the complex landscape of jurisdiction-specific rules, ensuring adherence to protect brand reputation
  5. Thought leadership in compliance: Gryphon provides nearly 25 years of expertise in contact compliance, ensuring guidance across companies of all sizes

In a landscape where compliance is non-negotiable, Gryphon’s ONE platform stands as a robust solution to navigate the complexities of FCC’s Revocation of Consent, offering unparalleled support for businesses aiming to protect their brand reputation and shareholders. 

If you are looking for a compliance solution to help with the ever-changing regulatory landscape, contact us today.

*This is a marketing blog and is not intended nor should be interpreted as legal advice.

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