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Improve messaging consistency across the entire outbound organization to strengthen your brand


Gain visibility into key market insights to drive new collateral and messaging support

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Ensure outbound call compliance to mitigate TCPA and DNC risk

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Leverage in-depth reporting that consolidates CRM and sales activity for a holistic view of campaign performance

Drive more consistent messaging for improved outbound sales performance

Conversation Intelligence Software and Live AI Sales Coaching

Track the content and messages that are moving deals forward. With Conversation Intelligence, data insights and sentiment are captured and recorded for better visibility into market needs.

Analytics also identify the topics that come up frequently, so you can provide messaging and sales support materials your teams need to progress deals.

Live AI Coaching enables marketing leaders to provide a consistent talk track to improve messaging consistency in real-time, during live calls.


Revenue Insights

Dig into deeper, more meaningful metrics with Revenue Insights. Our BI tool consolidates data across your CRM and sales activity to deliver a singular view of sales and messaging insights.

Drive more powerful messaging and streamline budget into the campaigns that are most effective to help progress pipeline and drive ROI.

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Sales Cadence

Increase BDR and sales rep outbound activity to drive new pipeline creation.

Gryphon ONE’s sales cadences help you centralize and automate segmented, outbound messaging to provide a consistent voice to the marketplace. Quickly and easily execute AB tests for continuous messaging improvement.

Reduce outbound costs by leveraging the Gryphon dialer in your cadences, eliminating per-minute phone charges and additional fees. Ensure that reps are utilizing all channels (including phone) within their outreach to maximize sales effectiveness.

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Maintain outbound compliance

Ensure the compliance of outbound campaigns. With brand reputation on the line, you need a real-time compliance solution that won’t slow down the sales process.

Marketing and sales-related activities are automatically screened against unique business or campaign rules, regulatory requirements, and consumer contact preferences.

Outbound calls are automatically blocked in real time, eliminating Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and do-not-call (DNC) risk.

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