Leading foundational connectivity

With the foundation of Gryphon’s Tier-1, carrier-grade telephony, enterprises can count on consistent connections, elite real-time solutions, and the highest quality data flowing back into their tech stack.
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Reduce dependency on third-party networks

Top enterprise organizations understand how each piece of their technology integrates into the broader infrastructure and how critical the foundation is to their success.

Gryphon’s foundation of Tier-1 carrier-grade telephony does not rely on third parties. Our network is wholly owned by us.

This enables Gryphon to get into the path of the media to automatically block non-compliant calls, transcribe calls in real-time, and provide AI-powered real-time coaching without the need to record a call.

Enable real-time response

By building Gryphon ONE on a fully owned Tier-1 telephony network, we provide solutions that are unrivaled in the industry.

From automatically blocking non-compliant telemarketing and collections calls, to providing in-the-moment agent coaching and advanced sentiment analysis, Gryphon’s telephony infrastructure enables us to provide advanced solutions that other organizations cannot execute.

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Core Benefit 3 - Tier-1 Telephony

Seamless integrations

One of the most critical factors for the success of new technology is the ability to integrate with an organization’s existing systems.

Leveraging our Tier-1 carrier-grade network, Gryphon integrates easily across established platforms and technology, reducing the burden on internal technology teams.

Seamless integrations enable enterprises to onboard and implement new technology faster and recognize ROI sooner.

Accurate transcriptions

When conversations are transcribed into the data that drives business decisions, accuracy is critical.

Gryphon’s telephony includes full redundancy across multiple switch locations, providing the highest degree of voice quality and reliability.

With 92+% transcription accuracy, the data that feeds your analytics is built on an accurate foundation.

Core Benefit 4 - Tier-1 Telephony