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Consolidate data across your CRM and activity data to deliver critical insights into your pipeline and revenue cycle


Access analytics and flexible dashboards that help you more deeply and easily understand your pipeline

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Understand why high-value deals are stalling to quickly triage key deals

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Quantify the level of effort spent closing each deal

How Gryphon’s Revenue Insights frees your time to focus on key deals to move revenue forward

Your sales data simplified through analytics and reporting software offering insights to your total sales effectiveness.

Correlate, analyze and build robust reports from data captured on the Gryphon ONE platform, your CRM, and other tools to gain immediate and actionable sales insights.

Leverage automated, easy-to-read dashboards, performance scorecards, and infographics to easily visualize all of your sales data in one location.

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Quickly identify stalled opportunities

View pipeline opportunities, stages, probabilities, and values on one screen.

Easily drill down into stalled opportunities by size and probability to focus on key deals.

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Revenue insights will increase productivity

Save time prepping for one-on-one meetings and view a snapshot of all opportunities by individual rep.

Monitor current activity to ensure the right steps are being taken to close each deal.

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Identify areas of velocity to replicate success

Quickly view entire pipeline by industry to view areas of high velocity and identify market growth trends.

Drill down to see progression by industry and leverage data to gain momentum in growth industries.

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