This is a guest post by Greg Armor, executive vice president of sales at Gryphon Networks. With years of experience managing sales teams of all sizes, Mr. Armor shares why the days of sales managers “walking the floor” listening to hours of calls and making suggestions off the cuff are no longer good enough. Sales leaders need technology to close the visibility gap that exists between the rep and the prospective customer in the traditional sales process.

The way sales leaders have traditionally run their sales processes doesn’t optimize the use of technology. It is virtually impossible for sales leaders to understand and measure the daily activities of their teams. We know a lot about the sales person; we know some things about the prospect; but there is a persistent visibility gap between the two.

Utilize sales technology to close the visibility gap.

For example, in the traditional sales model you don’t know why some sales people are good and others are great. Managers don’t know what their overachieving reps are doing differently and doing well to share that knowledge and those skills with the rest of the team.

When you don’t have the technology that allows you to see what’s taking place throughout the sales process, you’re forced to work off hunches and hopes, cobbling together Excel spreadsheets and CRM data due to this visibility gap. As a sales leader, this makes you reactive, rather than proactive. You are driven to limit coaching and training to:

  • Team meetings
  • One-on-ones
  • Periodic team training
  • Reviewing call recordings or transcripts
  • Coaching one-on-ones

Perhaps more importantly, without the technology to provide you with a better understanding of every opportunity, your ability to forecast is limited. Due to the visibility gap, management can’t accurately assess which deals in the pipeline are real and which are not.

Revolutionize Your Sales Process

Here at Gryphon, we focus on revolutionizing the sales process and closing that visibility gap for good. With the right technology, sales managers don’t need to walk the floor; they have the answers in the palm of their hand – from any device, used anywhere. With the right technology, sales managers get to watch their virtual assistant take control.

In real-time, we leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) along with our technology that together, along with your existing systems, provide the visibility, insights, and actionable data to make better-informed decisions. Once decisions are made, let the virtual assistant and bots take the wheel, understanding what your great reps are doing differently and transferring that knowledge effortlessly to your team. With machine learning, the system gets continually better through each use. This ability to proactively course-correct is unattainable in a traditional sales model.

With Gryphon, you no longer need to be on every call or in the office. This is especially relevant when working from home or other remote locations. Allow technology to guide salespeople through the sales cycle better and faster than ever before. If a sales person is having trouble with an opportunity, you now have real data at your fingertips to coach and problem solve along with them.

The Technology That You Need, and Your Reps Want

Regardless of which sales methodology you use, Sandler, MEDDIC, Force Management, or any other, you’ll know- through data – when a conversation has taken place with an economic buyer, and you’ll be able to validate that your salespeople are getting answers to the questions they need to be successful.

Sales reps need better technology to help them sell more, and sales leaders need visibility and insights from this technology to stop working off intuition and optimism. With the right technology, your forecasts will be more accurate and you’ll be able to make good sales people great.

Learn more about how Gryphon ONE can revolutionize your sales process.

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