April 17, 2019

FTC Charges Operation for Millions of Unsolicited Robocalls

Stopping Unsolicited Robocalls

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has charged a telemarketing operation with making millions of unsolicited robocalls to consumers in violation of the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR). The group of companies and individuals is accused of making over five million illegal telemarketing calls to numbers on the Do Not Call Registry since 2013.

Day Pacer, LLC and Edutrek LLC, along with individuals Raymond Fitzgerald, Ian Fitzgerald, and David Cumming are accused of making these illegal, unsolicited robocalls regarding educational programs to consumers who had submitted their information to websites that help with job searches and public benefits. However, instead of providing the expected services, the calls marketed vocational and post-secondary educational programs.

“Telemarketers have a duty to ensure that they are not placing calls to people on the National Do-Not-Call Registry,” said Andrew Smith, Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection. “They cannot rely on affiliate websites that use fine print and other deceptive tactics to lure consumers.”

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