This is a guest post by Greg Armor, executive vice president of sales at Gryphon Networks. With years of experience managing sales teams of all sizes, Mr. Armor offers his expertise on how sales leaders can help their teams be more successful and drive more revenue, faster. Read his previous post here.

Having been in the SaaS industry for more than a decade, let me tell you – there are plenty of solutions on the market that are built to make it easier for sales leaders to report their teams’ results to the executive suite. Sure, this is helpful, but it is also purely reactive; it does nothing to proactively improve the skills or performance of sales team members.

You’ve likely been part of a team that inputs data into a system, such as a CRM, to give management visibility into rep activity and results. I’d say this was a waste of your time, and you, like most salespeople, likely agree. Because of this sentiment, many salespeople see technology as an inhibitor – they believe that it makes more work for them and takes time away from selling.

Ultimately, all salespeople want to earn more money and exceed their quotas. This is why I want to instead talk about the type of technology that helps you sell more. The type of technology that salespeople want to use. In a modern sales framework, sales leaders should focus on providing technology that makes their teams’ jobs easier and builds skills without added steps or process changes. Who would say no to that?

Sales leaders provide your salespeople with a technology solution that lets them work smarter, not harder.

Getting rid of administrative tasks through automation helps salespeople and managers meet their goals. After all, who enjoys logging time and numbers into excel spreadsheets? Instead, let technology make your reps, and managers, more productive and consistent. A manager’s time is best spent proactively leading and coaching their teams to success, and a technology tool can be especially helpful in facilitating coaching for remote or geographically distributed sales teams.

I’m talking about a solution that enables a sales manager to listen in to calls in real-time, without having to be sitting next to the salesperson. This can be revolutionary for a traditional team – especially as reps are working from home right now. Other key features enable automated call recording and real-time speech-to-text transcription, as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning models designed to understand sentiment and key words. These aspects let sales managers coach in real-time and trigger specific training tools. It is a no-brainer that the closer the feedback comes to the actual sales call, the higher the likelihood the new knowledge will be retained to outperform sales goals.

How sales leaders can better support their teams with technology:

If you manage a team, you should be constantly asking yourself “How can I better support my salespeople with tools that help them be more effective, and therefore reach, or even exceed their quotas?” The worst possible technology is that which slows down sales activity. Instead, reps need tools that let them focus on more revenue-generating output. It’s about working smarter, not harder.

That’s why here at Gryphon Networks we are dedicated to fully-integrated technology solutions that accelerate the sales process and drive more revenue, faster. We do this through a single technology platform that provides automation, visibility and insights for better coaching, and sales performance analytics. Learn more about the Gryphon ONE sales acceleration process by scheduling a demo.

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