What are you thankful for this year? If you’re a sales manager, your sales enablement tool should be at the top of your list. When it comes to performance, sales enablement is a manager’s best asset to understand the daily activities of reps and identify best practice standards to increase effectiveness and drive revenue.

If you don’t have a sales tool implemented at your organization, we have a few reasons why it should be on your wish list this holiday season.

Better Data, Better Management

Sales enablement tools provide managers with invaluable data that allows them to better coach, train, and manage their teams. Without 100% accurate data, managers cannot hope to accurately or successfully manage their reps.

Aspects of sales tools including call recording and real-time stats give managers the information they need to show reps which behaviors are working, and which are not, leading to more effective conversations as best practices are established. As managers fine-tune what reps say over the phone and who they are saying it to, better business relationships can be built, and stronger deals can be established.

Improved Visibility & Performance

When it comes to sales enablement, long gone are the days of manually reported CRM data. With 100% accurate real-time data, reps can spend more time on the phones instead of wasting valuable calling hours on manual and often less-than-accurate data entry.

Managers; if you want to improve your bottom line and ensure that every rep – not just the top 10 percent – are contributing to your team’s quota, it is time to implement a sales tool. Reps will soon be setting more appointments while making fewer calls, while stragglers will be more easily and more accurately identifiable.

Not to mention, a sales tool can only make your job as a manager easier. With increased visibility into rep activity comes increased performance. When your entire team is on the same page, managers can begin to identify key KPIs and set performance standards for reps. Meeting these KPIs and improving conversations will result in your team surpassing previous benchmarks and generating more revenue – making your investment worthwhile.

Sales Managers – give your team the gift of a sales enablement tool this holiday season.

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