If you have read Part I of this blog, you are now familiar with the principal that sales acceleration tools alone cannot help you reach your revenue goals, but neither can training your reps without accurate insights into their daily performance. It is a combination of the people, process, and technology working together at your organization that makes a difference when it comes to hitting quota.

Here are some key takeaways on sales acceleration tools from Part I:

  • Sales leaders can analyze the success of certain sales techniques and methodologies and apply that knowledge to improve training initiatives.
  • The information provided by a sales acceleration tools allows managers to understand reps better individually, but also allows them to maximize ROI in their training initiatives by identifying team-wide best practices and areas where improvement may be needed.
  • A sales acceleration tool allows managers to see performance statistics in real-time, notifying them where training is needed and enabling them to provide coaching to set reps on the right track before unsuccessful behaviors turn into habits.

However, we should now mention that not all sales acceleration tools are created equal.

Here’s why the Gryphon ONE sales acceleration platform may be the missing piece to sales success at your organization:

Gryphon’s sales acceleration platform, Gryphon ONE, allows teams to better identify opportunities, improve training initiatives, and streamline the sales cycle. With tools like Speech Analytics and Amplify, our own coaching portal, rep performance is optimized, and their time is maximized, making sure your team’s sales efforts are directed to the right prospects, at the right time.

Speech Analytics

Setting appointments was the top prospecting challenge faced by sales reps in 2019. However, with Gryphon’s targeted speech analytics, managers can alleviate prospecting challenges by monitoring the conversational effectiveness of reps from any device, anywhere.

Scorecards provide an “at-a-glance” status of the relevant context of customer and prospect conversations. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as “Sales Effectiveness,” “Script Adherence,” and “Emotion Detection” can help sales managers stay on top of the team’s conversational effectiveness and identify any reps that are struggling in these areas to provide individualized coaching.

Further, managers can listen to calls and review transcripts on-demand or in response to alerts, allowing them to better train reps by troubleshooting issues that arise before they become bad habits. 


Gryphon Amplify allows your management team to improve rep performance through learning. With Amplify, managers can:

  • Accelerate on-boarding
  • Supercharge productivity
  • Capture best practices into ONE platform
  • Coach in real-time through automation

Amplify combines the data-capture tools provided by sales acceleration and utilizes them to provide a fully customized training system. This allows managers to accelerate training, and reps to self-improve, by providing their teams with online courses and easy-to-access content library unique to your organization’s best practices. Simply put, it’s a sales tool and sales training all in one platform.

With a sales acceleration tool, it’s simple; if your reps are better trained, they are more capable of reaching their goals. So why hesitate implementing Gryphon ONE at your organization?

Learn more about the Gryphon ONE platform.

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