ai sales coaching

Provide in-the-moment coaching during live calls through AI-powered content

empower reps faster

Onboard and empower new talent faster as they ramp during live calls

sales battle cards and coaching

Deliver real-time custom offers and battlecards with best-in-class messaging to impact positive call outcomes

seamless integration

Seamless integration with any CRM, video platform or web browser with fast implementation for higher speed-to-value

Instantly improve call outcomes with AI-powered guided sales coaching

Access Gryphon from any CRM or web browser

Our intelligent AI-powered sales assistant, Gryph, is embedded into your CRM or web extension to easily and actively process conversations in real-time regardless of your conversation method.

Gryph is available to begin transcribing and coaching the moment an outbound call is placed.

gryphon one chrome extension

Provide reps with instant coaching assistance

Steer any conversation in the right direction. Gryph transcribes calls in real-time and displays customized conversation cards for guided coaching during an active call.

Speech transcriptions trigger screen prompts with related content during an active call with feedback sentiment (Thumbs Up/Down) to continuously train the AI for future performance.

Real-time Guided Coaching

Provide custom content and streamline messaging

Display controlled, custom content on competitors, products, offers or any messaging that will guide your team to successful calls.

Content cards are easy to create and manage, with availability in minutes.


Enable adherence to scripts and sales methodologies

Gryph enables leaders to define scripts and guide conversations to uncover key questions for meeting sales criteria needs such as MEDDIC, SPIN, Sandler, SNAP or any other key methodology needed to drive deal progression.

sales process card

Link to additional resources in real-time

Gryph also integrates with any content management system to provide additional real-time content support during live conversations. No changes to your current content management system are needed.

content card