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Accelerate revenue through real-time actionable insights


Reduce the visibility gap into calling activity and outcomes

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Analyze performance by team and by rep for more informed coaching opportunities

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Identify behaviors that lead to positive outcomes and replicate across the team

How sales acceleration data enables leaders to manage teams to sales success

Consolidate sales analytics

Capture and correlate key sales data in real-time to immediately identify areas of concern.

Sales Acceleration Dashboards provide analytics, automation, and visibility into key sales performance metrics for sales leaders to stay ahead of performance goals.

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Maintain sales momentum

Gain visibility into all sales activity, regardless of rep or agent location. View daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly performance to ensure activity goals are leading to key outcomes.

Compare regions, offices or teams to replicate top performers across the organization.

Sales Acceleration includes leaderboards rank top performers and encourage high engagement through gamification.

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View scorecards by individual rep or agent

Easily see how reps and agents are performing against team KPIs for better coaching and training.

With Sales Acceleration Scorecards, you will immediately be able to help reps or agents who might be struggling or replicate success against top performers to drive success for the entire team.

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Gain insights into motions that drive success

Understand the key indicators that make a campaign successful. Sales acceleration data provides key metrics at-a-glance to help drive future performance.

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Quickly drill down to individual calls during key moments

Save time by focusing on individual calls to view sentiment, transcripts, and key moments that impact wins and losses.

Sales leaders can spend their time coaching key moments instead of listening to hours of call recordings.

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