sales compliance software

Ensure automatic adherence to regulatory requirements, internal business rules, and consumer preferences

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Avoid TCPA and DNC fines with real-time compliance and audit tracking

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Capture call recording for auditing and coaching

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Safeguard your sales interactions regardless of location or device

Mitigate risk of non-compliance without impacting sales

Reduce spend with outbound phone dialing included at no per-minute Cost

Leverage Gryphon’s tier-one, click-to dial-telephony for outbound calling to ensure the highest quality data entering your CRM and sales tech tools.

With 99.999% uptime, your team will maximize sales efficiency during peak calling times to make more connections and progress more deals.

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Streamline processes within your CRM

Gryphon delivers real-time marketing compliance from within a user’s CRM Contact, Lead, Account, or custom object view, avoiding the need to process calls in multiple platforms.

Visual indicators next to each number or email inform the user if a contact is blocked or allowed to be contacted.

Call data and the resulting dispositions are automatically recorded into your CRM so that users can avoid the often flawed and time-consuming step of keying in data.

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Automated sales compliance reduces individual rep and agent risk

Automate screening and blocking of outbound calls in real-time, eliminating TCPA and DNC risk.

Manage established business relationships (EBRs), internal do not call lists (IDNCs), opt-outs, opt-ins, and contact preferences. Apply frequency and location blocks to conform with customer preferences and campaign guidelines.

Easily collect opt-ins and opt-outs and other preferences, like desired contact frequency, by channel or campaign. Pre-call prompts also warn reps and agents about specific restrictions such as consent to record, do-not-call block, age limitations, curfews, or no rebuttal/permission to continue.

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Integrated sales call recording provides key reporting and audit trails

Construct and view reports by campaign or date range that display number of calls, talk time, average time/call, DNC blocks, DNC adds, and any configured result tags. Drill down by agent for a complete audit trail.

Leverage call recording information into a wealth of actionable insights for training, targeted coaching, or audit purposes. Automatically redact sensitive information to ensure privacy and compliance.

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Mitigate long-term risk with ongoing sales compliance consulting

Our compliance consulting professionals stay current with regulation and understand the complexities of developing an internal program to protect your brand.

We help you conduct privacy audits and assessments as well as implement guidelines to ensure compliance with all relevant marketing privacy regulations across all channels.

Our team helps you establish policies and procedures to monitor and enforce compliance as well as identify existing processes that can be improved to increase your efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We’ll account for your industry-specific challenges as well as unique business goals, policies, and marketing programs. Our on-call legal counsel acts as an extension of your compliance team to address immediate compliance concerns and risk analysis.

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