SDR Spotlight: Melanie Graham Prospecting

December 30, 2020

SDR Spotlight: Melanie Graham

Melanie Graham is a Sales Development Representative here at Gryphon. In this interview, Melanie shares how she utilizes technology and takes an industry-based approach to prospecting to make herself 25% more efficient.

How have you been able to make your prospecting more efficient?

I’ve been able to cut down on prospecting time and the amount of time it takes me to prepare for cold calls and emails by organizing my contacts by industry, and prospecting by industry. What I’ve been doing is focusing on one vertical each day, for example insurance companies, and tomorrow I’ll focus on software companies. That way I can narrow down my talk tracks.

A lot of times, if you go just by contacts or good companies, you’re constantly altering your talk track for each call that you make. That way takes more time to prep for each call, and it can take you off your game a bit. If I make 30 calls and no one picks up, then suddenly someone picks up, it’s like alright, which talk track was I using? Where was I?

Organizing your outreach by industry helps you get into the zone and makes things a bit quicker.

How has technology assisted you in this process?

After organizing my contacts, I utilize Gryphon ONE to set up my cadences specific to industries as well. I can use Gryphon’s system to find out what is important to each industry, either from listening back to my previous calls or listening to calls that other reps have had with different industries. I can find out exactly what types of problems certain types of companies are having and what resonates most with them. That way I can uncover what they are looking for in a platform.

Can you share how much of an impact this style of prospecting has had on your efficiency?

In terms of finding new companies, it cuts down my prospecting time by at least 25%. I already know what I’m looking for, the titles I’m looking for, and I’m on one track the whole time I’m prospecting that day. It also cuts down my prep time before making phone calls or sending emails by 50% or more. I already have email templates I can use for each vertical, so I’m just personalizing them for the specific company or specific title.

Learn how Gryphon ONE can help your team increase prospecting effectiveness.