Don’t gamble on the odds that you’ll make quota this quarter. 

If you are aiming to improve rep performance in hopes of reaching your sales quota, first look at the numbers. If you aren’t measuring the day-to-day performance of your reps, you can’t hope to improve upon it. Consistent training using this data is a manager’s best tactic to train reps and utilize the skills of the entire team.

With the Kentucky Derby around the corner, winning the Triple Crown isn’t a one-and-done deal. It takes consistency, dedication, and perseverance. Similarly, improving sales performance takes time and effort.

Get your sales flying outta the gate by getting back on the phones! Instead of relying on luck to make quota this quarter, take a strategic approach with these three steps to improving sales performance at your organization.

1 – Look at the Numbers That Matter

Call activity data is the richest source of intelligence for sales managers. The data exists, so make sure that as a manager you are using it to your competitive advantage. The chances are that if you aren’t measuring the performance of your individual reps, you will not be able to identify problem areas or accurately coach your team towards success.

A team would never go out on the field without the proper equipment, and a jockey would never ride his horse without a saddle. Similarly, you can’t expect your team to perform to a standard without the insights you need to prepare and train them. With a sales enablement tool, data is 100% accurate and captured in real-time, instantly providing managers with the stats on how many calls their reps are making, who they are calling, and who is successful and why.

2 – Take a Strategic Approach to Training

More than half of reps rely on their peers for tips on improving, and 44% of reps look to their managers (HubSpot). Using data, let reps see how they are performing compared to their peers to foster a sense of healthy competition between teammates. No one wants to see their name at the bottom of that scoreboard!

However, the manager’s job is still vital. Like a jockey to a horse or a conductor to an orchestra, a sales manager must conduct the performance of their sales team every step of the way. Training isn’t a one-time thing; the successful manager will use activity data to replicate behaviors and help reps tweak their approach to optimize performance throughout the quarter.

3 – Get Back on the Phone!

Only 24% of sales emails are opened (HubSpot), so if you really want to connect with prospects and close more deals this quarter, pick up the phone! A sales enablement tool also lends itself to giving reps more time to spend on revenue-generating activities, rather than administrative tasks.

Instead of logging manual activity reports (that are often inaccurate), data is automatically captured in real-time, giving managers the accurate visibility they need, and reps the time they need to focus on prospecting and closing more deals.

Improving Sales Performance

The proper data, training, and maintenance of rep habits are all essential tools for managers to find sales success. If you are finding it difficult to reach your sales goals, get back in the saddle and execute these three steps to improve sales performance and the efficiency of your reps. Learn more about how to improve sales performance at your organization with Gryphon.

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