For any sales business, the primary goal is to always increase sales in spite of any obstacles that may get in your way. The only way to accomplish this is by improving sales performance while maintaining compliance. Once of the biggest challenges to sales teams today is in maintaining compliance with the complex Do Not Call laws. These laws differ from state-to-state and also among various industries. A Do Not Call app is a simple tool businesses can use to provide flexibility to their phone use while ensuring they are compliant with every call they make. When making calls from any location is essential to your business, having the security to make those calls compliant automatically gives every member of your sales team the freedom they need to put their skills to work. Some additional tips for boosting your sales teams’ performance are:

Know Your Competition – The internet has brought a global reach to existing businesses and caused the introduction of many new ones. Do your research to find out what your biggest competitors are doing and offering that is different from the rest. To increase sales, you need to know what it is that customers want, and then deliver it to them.

Know Your Product – Consumers purchase what they need and what they want. You should know what it is about your product that makes customers want to buy it now, and then promote those features.
Keep Up with the Times – Consumer behavior is consistently changing, driving the customers to purchase items that meet a different set of requirements than they did in the past. Always keep your eye on technology and determine how it can be used to improve the products you sell. For instance, ten years ago, consumers were more concerned with the usage benefits of a cell phone. Today, technical performance has moved to the forefront, as more people have started buying cell phones to accomplish a wide range of tasks. Today’s cell phones can read labels, operate as a GPS, and turn on your security system at home when you are away.
Always Work with Branding in Mind – Make sure your company’s name is recognized in a positive way. Taking actions like using a Do Not Call app to stay compliant and communicating with customers will help customers form a positive opinion of your business and make them want to do business with you again. Interacting with customers and taking their complaints seriously will not only make the customer happy, it will provide you with valuable information about how to improve your products or the ways you deliver them.
Be Flexible, But Not Too Flexible – Customers want to know that their opinions count, but you shouldn’t be ready to make changes to your products based on the opinions of a few. A lot of times, a company needs to find better ways of promoting their products instead of changing what it is they are trying to sell. Think about the Coca Cola Company’s decision to change the formula of their classic Coke to New Coke in 1985. Consumers were extremely upset by the changes, which resulted in the new formula being switched back to the original. All too often, “new and improved” really isn’t an improvement, and the sales suffer. Improving sales performance relies on your ability to reach more of your target market and sell them on the features of your product.

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World’s leading provider of Do-Not-Call Compliance and Sales Intelligence solutions selects Bria as basis for its updated mobile apps

Vancouver, BC, Canada — March 11, 2014 – CounterPath Corporation (NASDAQ: CPAH) (TSX: CCV), a leading developer of award-winning desktop, tablet and mobile VoIP software products and solutions, today announced it has entered into a licensing and distribution agreement with Gryphon Networks, the leader in marketing compliance and sales intelligence solutions, adding new capabilities to Gryphon’s mobile solutions and further empowering its clients’ dispersed and mobile workforces.

Gryphon Networks is the only provider of fully automated, integrated, and real-time sales intelligence and marketing compliance solutions for dispersed sales and marketing organizations. More than 600 clients including the world’s top banks, healthcare and insurance firms rely on.

CounterPath’s technology enhances Gryphon’s Do-Not-Call compliance and Sales Intelligence offerings with new mobile features that include several pre- and post-call capabilities, such as data entry, call playback, and campaign management, as well as support for a broader variety of devices including iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. This will increase ease of deployment across a broader array of device types and offer new functionality to users and gives sales managers visibility into detailed sales performance data, whether employees are making calls in the office, at home, or on the go.

“After a rigorous selection process, we chose CounterPath as our mobile partner,” Rick Boudrieau, CTO of Gryphon Networks. “Their Bria solution enables us to add new features and custom branding options to our mobile apps. As a result, they will be easier for users, more insightful for managers, and more effective for businesses trying to get the most out of distributed sales teams that use mobile devices for sales calls outside of centralized call centers or offices.”

“We welcome Gryphon as a new channel partner for CounterPath. This partnership with Gryphon demonstrates the versatility of Bria. It showcases how CounterPath’s mobile offering can provide turnkey solutions across a variety of uses and industries. As a leading provider of Marketing Compliance and Sales Intelligence services, Gryphon needs a mobile product that allows its customers’ dispersed sales workforce to remain fully compliant with all Do-Not-Call regulations, and provide sales management with visibility into their team’s activities and effectiveness, regardless of location or device,” said Todd Carothers, Executive Vice President Marketing and Products at CounterPath.

Gryphon will release the new Bria-enabled features to its mobile app users in the second quarter of 2014.

CounterPath’s unique offering includes options for call centers to add in branding and technical requirements that will help them differentiate their customer service capabilities. Several Bria call center delivery models are available in order to suit different customer needs. Bria can be customized to include or limit specific features and its user interface can branded and customized. Customers can also choose to integrate Bria with existing technology via CounterPath’s softphone SDK, softphone API or third party API extension.

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