Sales today is a game of inches: with so many reporting tools and so much information about best practices, competition is fiercer than ever. Success comes down to the details – finding hidden advantages in big data by targeting the metrics that matter to your business and leveraging them to train sales teams better, close more deals, and grow revenue. Eric Esfahanian, Gryphon’s VP of Sales and Marketing lists the three most important metrics for any business to track, and how call recording with speech analytics can track those metrics automatically, in an article for Business2Community; you can read it here.

Most reporting platforms can track how many calls agents make and the basic outcome of the call, but very few give you any context about those details. While it’s possible to glean that context from weekly team calls or agent’s notes in a CRM, those sources can be unreliable, but worse, they still ultimately require mangers to make judgments about who their star performers are and what best practices they are using based on their gut, not data.

inaccurate sales dataGryphon’s cloud-based call recording platform features robust analytics that allow you to capture detailed call results and automatically score leads. It can also sense emotion through metrics like tone, volume, and silence percentage and trigger automatic alerts when a prospect, or an agent’s emotional state is leading to script anomalies or missed opportunities.

You’re not using a sales intelligence solution if the technology is simply displaying incomplete or inaccurate data in a pretty graph.

With Gryphon, business can turn previously inaccessible, unstructured audio into valuable data to drive smarter decision making.

Best of all, Gryphon’s platform captures these analytics automatically in the path of every call, requiring minimal intervention by sales agents and allowing real-time, automatic visibility into sales activity. That frees agents from manually entering notes and data into a CRM and frees you from spending time tracking down information. Gryphon’s Sales Intelligence empowers you to take action on real data so you can manage your team, forecast with confidence, and compete at a higher level.

Interested in how sales intelligence and cloud-based call recording can help your business? Contact Gryphon today.

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