A year into virtually all sales teams working from home, salespeople have adapted to the new normal of selling and organizations have updated their tech stacks to help their teams through the remote process. However, now that your team has acclimated to remote selling, it’s time to accelerate your sales and drive more revenue with the help of guided coaching.

Guided coaching assistants identify coaching needs in real-time, providing insights into your reps’ prospecting to improve future performance. With the guided coaching capabilities of conversation intelligence technology, sales leaders can provide their remote salespeople with even more coaching insights than they could while in the office. After all, sales leaders only have so much time in their days to participate in live calls.

Here’s what guided coaching can do for your sales team:

Using AI capabilities and machine learning, guided coaching assistants identify speech patterns over time to coach reps through live calls, providing them with the best questions to ask a prospect or guiding them through an objection in real-time. 

With this tool in your tech stack, your team can: 

  • Listen for sentiment and script adherence to identify best practices during a live call. 
  • Achieve higher performance by ensuring they are asking the right questions and handing prospect objections. 
  • Speed up the sales cycle by proactively identifying keyword trends and competitor insights in-the-moment. 

Guided coaching allows salespeople to zero-in on the most relevant aspects of a conversation. The coaching assistant technology displays coaching cards during live calls to help reps through key moments of a conversation, such as responding to a prospect’s experience with a competitor.

By identifying speech patterns and best practices, guided coaching is able to help reps achieve more positive outcomes on calls and progress deals more efficiently.

“I’d say 98% of the meetings that I book are going to be via the phone. As you’re on calls, if you’re using a guided coaching assistant, you’re going to be able to overcome objections easier and respond to things like competitors that come up during those calls.” – Enterprise Sales Representative

Further, with guided coaching, sales leaders can also listen-in to live calls and coach reps in real-time. This capability allows sales leaders to guide their teams and provide feedback as if they were in the office. After all, even with the technology’s capabilities, it is the combination of people and technology working together that drives the best sales results.

Utilize a real-time coaching assistant for every sales call. 

While conversation intelligence technology allows reps to listen back to calls for coaching insights, advanced solutions offer a unique package of post-call recordings and analytics along with live call insights.

This type of AI-driven conversation intelligence solution not only captures and transcribes calls for analysis; it identifies areas of coaching needs in real-time, empowering reps to gain insights into each interaction with prospects to improve future performance. 

Whether the future of sales is remote or in the office, a real-time guided coaching solution can enable sales leaders to make better business decisions for their teams and gain insights that they previously didn’t have the technology or time to access – meaning no coaching opportunities are lost. 

Learn how guided selling can help your team today.

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