St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, which means Q1 is soon coming to a close! Is your sales team on track to meet quota this quarter? Regardless, you shouldn’t need to keep your fingers crossed or rely on the luck of the Irish to reach or surpass your sales targets.

If your team is struggling to reach quota, chances are you aren’t alone. Recent numbers speak for themselves:

However, there is a way to meet your goals that do not involve counting on a lucky four-leaf clover. Instead, rely on data and analytics in the form of sales intelligence to surpass quota and reach your pot of gold.

Increase Visibility

Sales Intelligence is the most accurate way to set and reach your sales goals. Using real, accurate data, managers have real-time visibility into the day-to-day activities of their sales reps. Having this insight into the actual numbers your reps are hitting is the best indicator of sales success.

For example, reps who make 12 contact attempts, instead of the average 8, perform 16% better. Call activity data can identify which reps are hitting their call numbers, and can alert managers as to where improvements are needed to get reps on the right track to meet their goals.

Improve Performance

Data in the form of cloud recording, speech analytics, or dashboard views of your most effective reps can enable managers to make faster, smarter, and more informed decisions. Speech analytics itself is one of the richest sources of sales intelligence to see why certain reps are meeting their numbers and others are not. Capture phone-based interactions made from any phone, anywhere, and analyze conversations all the way down to specific words, tones, and behaviors used by reps.

Further, instead of hoping to meet quota this quarter, managers can take action to ensure that they do so by using this data to improve coaching and training methodologies and the performance of individual reps. From there, reps can work towards improving performance by accessing this same data to see their numbers and how they compare to their peers. This not only fosters healthy competition but can ignite the motivation they need to reach quota.

Reach Quota This Quarter

In the past two years, less than 1/3 of organizations said that their sales goals were met. So, don’t fall short like a leprechaun this quarter. Set yourself and your team apart from the pack and get ahead of the competition with sales intelligence. Whether your goal is to reach the quota for the month, quarter, or year, utilizing activity data will enable your team to increase revenue and find that pot of gold.

Don’t rely on luck to reach quota this year! Learn more about Gryphon Sales Intelligence here.

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