As the end of Q2 is approaching, you’re not alone if you’re wondering if your sales team will reach quota this quarter. And you’re definitely not alone if you already know you missed your marks – in the US, only 58% of reps reach their revenue goals. However, it’s time to take progressive action to change this pattern of missing quota for quarters to come. The first step, instead of relying on a few superstar reps, is to achieve incremental improvement across your entire sales team with these five steps:

5 Steps to Reach Quota This Quarter:

Communicate – Establishing a singular team focus and getting everyone on the same page is vital to rolling out a new system for improvement at your organization. From the start, define expectations from a management level for both current reps and new hires. Establish benchmarks of success, set standards for your reps, and make sure communication is clear before overhauling any existing processes. This will ensure that the new management system is effective rather than oppressive.

Expect and Inspect – Your team and their performance are company assets, so manage them like so. Because the daily activity of reps results in compensation for them and revenue for your company, their success is synonymous with revenue potential. Tracking the call activity of reps is a must if you want to fully understand your revenue potential. So, look at the numbers. Similar to how bank statements create a paper trail for personal earnings and spending, call data and rep activity are paper trails for company revenue.

Identify KPIs – When tracking and analyzing call activity data, trends across top performers will begin to appear, and it is a manager’s job to take note of these trends and implement them for coaching and training other reps. Through activity data, managers can identify the behaviors that are working best for their reps, such as speech patterns or what time of day to call prospects.

Optimize – Once identified, spread these behaviors across your organization. Using call recordings and activity data, coach reps using the examples of their successful peers to replicate these KPIs and the behaviors that get results. A sales team is most effective when utilizing the talents of all reps.

Track & Train – Continue to monitor performance and fix problem areas. Phone activity data must be continuously monitored to not only ensure compliance with the system but, more importantly, identify the behaviors that are working and the reps that are successful. From there, continue to train reps that are struggling with the new system in accordance with your established KPIs. It is important to note that this is not a one-and-done activity; maintaining high-level performance and training reps is a job that never stops.

Reaching Quota

Following these steps will create a long-term, sustainable solution to sales success. By tracking and understanding the daily activities of reps that produce positive results, you can better equip your team to find success, be more effective, and reach their quota for quarters to come.

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