Sales Efficiency is the Key to Managing a Successful Sales Team

As many large sales organizations increase the complexity of their sales models, they sometimes sacrifice the efficiency of their sales teams. If your organization has a long or complex sales cycle, having an inefficient sales model can cost you clients and revenue.

Don’t let this happen to your company.

Preserving Sales Efficiency

To maintain efficiency, integrate a flexible sales management system that monitors and analyzes your team’s activities. The best sales performance solutions are those that simplify your sales model for every team member.

Sales teams that use a sales intelligence solution integrated with their CRM system have seen an increase in quota attainment by at least 36%.

By implementing sales enablement technology, managers gain real insight into their team’s performance. They have the ability to learn how efficient each rep is at meeting goals and achieving quota.

When managers can analyze actual sales intelligence, they can make the best decisions for their company, improve their bottom line and learn which resources to invest in.

The Aberdeen Group reports organizations who utilize sales enablement tools cut their sales cycles by 18%.

Three Ways to Ensure Sales Efficiency, Not Sales Complexity

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” Peter Drucker

 1. Review Your Sales Process

When it comes to sales efficiency, managers need to start looking at their reps daily activity. When weaknesses are found, they need to be addressed immediately. Not doing so can adversely affect your revenue. Remember improved efficiency means greater productivity.

According to The Bridge Group Sales, productivity is the number one challenge for 65% of B2B organizations.

2. Understand What Works and Make Sure Your Reps Repeat That Activity

Look at which sales activities generate the most revenue and consistent wins for your team. Once you have a handle on this, you can have your reps repeat those behaviors, stay competitive and generate more revenue.

3. Delegate Responsibilities

One of the keys to eliminating complexity in your sales model is to delegate certain responsibilities to your reps so managers can focus on other areas that require their attention. Delegating does not mean giving up control. It means empowering your more experienced reps to make decisions and take action when necessary without having to wait on you. In turn, these reps can help you mentor and train the less experienced ones while developing their leadership and management skills.

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