BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gryphon Networks, a leading sales intelligence service provider, today announced significant enhancements to its patented Sales Intelligence Platform. Its flagship Sales Performance Dashboard (SPD) is now accessible within Salesforce and other CRM systems, giving managers real-time visibility into the call activity data of their teams right from their CRM view. The company also announced enhancements to Gryphon G-Score, a sophisticated calculation for sales performance simplified into a single metric to provide sales leaders with an at-a-glance view into the agent and team performance against the metrics that are most important to them.

“Sales effectiveness is a measure of performance against the KPI’s that matter most for improvement.”

The cloud-based Gryphon Sales Intelligence platform automatically captures the detailed activity of every sales telephone call at the network level across any region, team, or office regardless of the type of phone used to make the calls. As agents make phone calls from mobile phones, branch offices, home offices, and CRM systems, Gryphon’s carrier-grade network intelligence captures activities, call audio and outcomes, so managers retain much-needed visibility and context into phone-based customer interactions. This call activity is analyzed and presented in real-time in the Gryphon Sales Performance Dashboard to provide managers with an actionable, intuitive “window” into the sales behaviors that matter.

“Our sales intelligence platform is specifically designed to improve sales and marketing effectiveness,” said Eric Esfahanian, senior vice president of Gryphon Networks. “Now that Gryphon Dashboards and Target Speech Analytics are available right in Salesforce and other CRM systems, we’re providing managers with a more effective and convenient way of accessing real-time activity data to measure the performance of their teams.”

The Gryphon G-Score is a 0-100 score that reflects top line sales efficiency by combining the most critical sales KPI’s into one critical score and trend over time. By analyzing a variety of performance metrics in real-time (i.e., call attempts, appointments set, etc.), G-Score allows companies to compare reps, teams, offices, or regions at a glance via the Sales Performance Dashboard.

G-Score offers real-time visibility into how sales teams are selling to improve effectiveness and forecast accuracy through continuous evaluation of sales activity data and best practices. G-Score also shows managers what’s working and what’s not, making it easy to implement changes and best practices to drive strong sales results.
“Sales effectiveness is a measure of performance against the KPI’s that matter most for improvement,” added Esfahanian. “The Gryphon G-Score in the Sales Performance Dashboard gives managers a clear, accurate way to measure the performance of their team based on selling activities that are predictive of success no matter where they are conducted.”

Another key feature in the Gryphon Sales Intelligence Platform is an enhanced “Performers” tab, which is a graphic, detailed view of call activity data at a client, client team, region, office, office team, campaign, and individual reps level. Sales managers can configure the Performers tab to view and control the call activity data the way they want for greater context into the selling behaviors that matter.

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About Gryphon Networks
Gryphon Networks provides cloud-based technology and systems that automatically capture, control, and visualize sales and marketing activity from any device to improve management effectiveness and reduce risk. More than a dozen Fortune 100 clients, including some of the largest banks, brokerage, insurance, and consumer services firms, are among Gryphon’s 300+ clients in North America.

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